Freudenberg e-Power Systems - True Heavy-Duty Partner

Helping our customers to reduce emissions with every heavy-duty application is our goal. Freudenberg e-Power Systems designs, develops, and manufactures reliable, high-performance power cells, battery, and fuel cell systems with exceptionally long operational lifetimes for buses, trucks, maritime, and off-road applications.

With more than 30 years of experience, we are a proven and trusted partner ready to electrify your heavy-duty vehicles, vessels, and machinery, and help you gain independence from fossil fuels. Our team can assist you from start to finish, with application-specific assessments, lifetime modelling, recycling support, training, field service, data-driven services, and much more.

For more than 30 years, we have been investing in research and development of batteries and fuel cells.
Mohsen Sohi CEO of Freudenberg Group

Strong Company Network

Freudenberg e-Power Systems is proud to be a division of the Freudenberg Group. A global technology leader with more than 175 years of experience in manufacturing industrial technologies and products, the Freudenberg Group has sales of 12 billion euros, more than 55,000 employees, and a presence in over 60 countries. Being an integral part of the Freudenberg Group enables us to invest in research and development, broaden our patents portfolio, bring new innovations to market, and continuously optimize our battery and fuel cell systems.

The Freudenberg Group has been inventing components for batteries and fuel cells since the early 1990s. With the successful acquisition of XALT Energy LLC, a battery specialist in the US, and assets from Elcore, a Munich-based fuel cell system company, Freudenberg established a business unit to focus on developing and manufacturing complete battery and fuel cell systems.

In 2022, this unit became a business group within the Freudenberg Group: Freudenberg e-Power Systems.

While our products are used globally, we are located in North America and Europe. In the USA, we have a scalable production site for our battery systems in Midland, as well as a facility in Auburn Hills, both in Michigan. The production site for fuel cell systems is in Munich, Germany. We also have extensive testing, validation, and development infrastructure.