Power Cells – High Energy Density and Fast Charging

We are the experts for power cells, drawing on more than 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-performance lithium-ion cells for the heavy-duty market. Our power cells provide unparalleled performance in charge rate, energy density, lifecycle, and safety, all of which are integral for the electrification of demanding heavy-duty applications.

As a proven partner for power cells, we continue to grow and evolve our product line to provide our customers with access to the latest in materials, manufacturing, and design. Our power cells are available as stand-alone cells or integrated into XPAND packs customized for your energy storage needs.

186 Wh/kg spec. energy density

384 Wh/L vol. energy density

14.5 power-to-energy ratio

1.08 kg mass

Up to 10,000 cycles

2C continuous charge rate

Cells Designed for Every Application

Freudenberg e-Power Systems is a leading supplier of lithium-ion cell technology. Our reliable and long-lasting power cells are suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications, such as trucks, buses, maritime, construction, agriculture, and mining. When developing our power cells and improving their performance, we always focus on meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

Our XPAND pack, with integrated power cells, is ideal for maritime applications and certified to DNV GL, Lloyd’s Register, and other industry standards. This ensures the pack is resistant to vibrations, shocks and impacts, while preventing thermal runaway propagation.

  • Time-tested and proven lithium-ion chemistries
  • High energy density
  • Extended run times between charges
  • Fast-charge capability
  • High-capacity cells
  • Reliability and safety
  • Low total cost of ownership

Cells and Packs from a Single Source

From state-of-the-art materials to cell formulations and processing, we design and build our power cells with the longest possible lifetime at high charge rates. Working closely with our suppliers, we select and develop materials that provide the right balance of energy density, power, stability, safety, and cost. They are tested extensively on thermal, chemical, and electrical validation levels.

This testing is integrated into our pack development, where we subject our cells and packs to real-world scenarios, including abuse, years-long operation, and lifetime modeling. The rigorous testing regiment applied to every cell we design, and the invaluable knowledge gained from this testing, strengthens our development efforts to produce robust and long-lasting packs.



Last update: Jan 01 2023

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Safe and Reliable Power

Our power cells have a mid-nickel NCM-523 cathode chemistry. For power applications where safety and charge rate outweigh the need for energy, we have co-developed with Ascend Elements a 100% recycled custom cathode material tailored to heavy-duty markets, with best-in-class thermal stability and cycle life compared to market benchmarks.

Our extensive testing and validation, along with intelligent cathode chemistries, ensure our power cells can safely and reliably supply a high level of energy over a long period of time. This in conjunction with our proven battery management system ensures the highest level of safety for our battery packs.

Unique Experience and Expertise

With our experience in the design, production, and integration of power cells and battery systems, we are uniquely placed to develop the battery solution that is right for your heavy-duty application. 

Our solutions are versatile and easy to adapt, with our advanced development processes and comprehensive research and development space enabling us to efficiently meet your requirements.

Made in the USA

For decades, our American production facility has utilized state-of-the-art assembly lines to ensure the highest quality standards.

We are expanding our Gigafactory to cover the fast-growing demand for our systems.

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