High-Power Solution for Fast Charging Applications

The XPAND pack is a fast-charging, long life battery suitable for a wide range of applications and power demands. For the maritime industry, the pack’s modularity and XRS-2 Rack System enable easy integration into small and large vessels. It is also ideal for on- and off-road transportation with demanding duty cycles and frequent charging, such as trucks, buses, and delivery vehicles. The XPAND pack can be combined with fuel cell systems for hybrid power solutions that fully optimize uptime and range.

≥ 124 Wh/kg energy density

4.4C / 475 A peak discharge

3.8C / 420 A peak charge

9.6 kWh discharge energy

Up to 10,000 cycles

2C continuous charge rate

Powering the Ships of Tomorrow

The XPAND pack marks an important step toward more sustainable shipping. For small vessels, one or more systems can be distributed across the vessel neatly and flexibly, with the pack’s outstanding energy-to-weight ratio allowing for higher payloads. For large vessels, our fully integrated battery rack solutions offer virtually no limit to the number of installed packs.

Certified to Lloyd’s Register type approval, the XPAND pack can withstand vibrations, shocks, and operational hazards. It comes with our field-proven battery management system and advanced safety features, while the unique liquid cooling system ensures optimum long-term performance and service life.

  • Lloyd’s Register type approved
  • High charge and discharge rate
  • IP44 compliant for maritime applications
  • Field-proven battery management system
  • Overcharge protection

Unique Experience and Expertise

The XPAND pack uses the most advanced lithium-ion cell chemistry. Combining power cell design expertise and highly automated manufacturing enables us to offer a power pack with optimal power-to-energy ratio and fast charging capability.

Our experience with pack design, validation, manufacturing, and battery management results in a highly optimized system providing exceptional performance and operational lifetime.

  • Field-proven lithium-ion chemistry
  • High P:E ratio
  • Extended run times between charges
  • Fast-charge capability
  • Best-in-class operational life and temperature range
  • Safe and durable
  • Low total cost of ownership


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Battery Management System (BMS) and Controls

The BMS acts as the “brains” of the system providing monitoring, balancing, and safety functionality. Its primary function is to maintain the lithium-ion cells within their safe operating range, regardless of the demands being placed on them. This gives the BMS the ability to accurately predict operating situations that have the potential for creating over- or under-voltage conditions, as well as high or low temperatures, and then reacting quickly and safely to prevent those conditions from occurring.

The Battery Disconnect Unit (BDU) manages individual strings of series-connected packs through its on-board String Controller Unit (SCU), pre-charge circuit, current sensor, and contactors. For large systems of multiple parallel-connected strings, BDUs are connected in parallel.

The Master Controller Unit (MCU) manages multiple parallel strings (up to 24) while providing a single and simple interface to the application controller. This is a flexible tool designed to meet various customer needs related to system-level and string-level activities while being able to interface with service tools for technician interactions.

Telematics System

Maximizing up-time and performance of your electrified vehicle requires a new approach to system monitoring. The Battery Viewer (XBV) telematics system consists of a control unit and an all-in-one antenna, allowing access to consolidated data via the XBV Portal for easy viewing from virtually any electronic device that can be connected to a web-based portal.

Intuitive dashboards show all critical battery system information and simultaneously monitor the status of all your battery systems on one interactive map.

Data gives you the ability to provide a proactive approach to servicing applications. Reduce down-time by knowing when to schedule service and be able to respond quickly to system issues.

XBV is easily integrated into new designs or existing systems and has a wide range of operating voltages. XBV allows access to historical location tracking and geofence, has diagnostic reporting capabilities, and can generate reports and logs.

XRS-2 Rack

The Lloyd’s Register type approved XRS-2 is a highly configurable rack system designed to contain XPAND XMP battery system components for marine applications. The width and height can be optimized for any application, all while minimizing size and weight. Through the XRS-2 architecture, virtually any battery installation size is possible. The XMP sub-packs can be configured in series of up to 10 per string, and up to 24 strings can be connected in parallel. Installations can then exceed 24 strings in parallel via additional communication interfaces, allowing for continuous battery system expansion to meet application needs.

With integrated off-gas ventilation ducting and cooling circuit piping, the XRS-2 places all interfaces with sub-packs that require access in the front, including electrical connectors, coolant ports, and mounting fasteners, in order to make interacting with the battery system as easy as possible. The XRS-2 is also highly durable, designed to withstand harsh vibration conditions and uses specialized coatings to provide extreme resistance against corrosion.

A Lifetime of Service and Support

Our dedicated team will be working with you for the entire lifecycle of our product to ensure our system is continuously meeting your needs. This comprehensive range of services starts with consultation we provide to optimize our battery system for your unique application, making use of your specific drive and use cycles.

We then offer commissioning services and battery system training to support battery system integration and management effectively by your team members for long-term use. We also provide support after battery system integration through digital services driven by telematics − such as the system’s data usage, diagnostics, and functional safety − to promote the continued optimization of your battery management system.

At the end of the battery’s lifecycle, we offer solutions for reuse and recycling tailored to your application to facilitate a smooth transition between battery systems.

Reliability Through Experience

With more than 1,500 vehicle installations and over 60 million miles traveled, our systems have continued to prove their reliability for over a decade. It is this consistency in producing high-quality battery systems that has made us a pioneer in the heavy-duty market, and our confidence in our product is why we offer an industry-leading battery warranty.

Made in the USA

For decades, our American production facility has utilized state-of-the-art assembly lines to ensure the highest quality standards.

We are expanding our Gigafactory to cover the fast-growing demand for our systems.

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