Fuel Cell Systems for Truck & Bus

Freudenberg hydrogen fuel cell systems for truck and bus are made for best-in-class total cost of ownership. The unique design is ideally suited to the heavy-duty requirements of trucks and buses, incorporating proper materials, high-performance components, and an operating strategy which serves both operational lifetime and efficiency. 

Our systems provide superior performance in the harshest conditions, and are characterized by high fuel efficiency, competitive costs, and minimal maintenance, without compromising on payload or range.

The Freudenberg solution gives customers the peace of mind of an expected lifetime of at least 35.000 hours / 2 million+ kilometers on the road with less than 10% of degradation under the harshest conditions. This means that the fuel cell will not need to be replaced for the entire life of the vehicle. Throughout this time, the fuel cell's overall high efficiency level is maintained, resulting in a new reference in terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Unique Heavy-Duty Stack Platform

The core of our fuel cell system is the SMARTR stack platform, designed specifically for true heavy-duty requirements and high-volume industrialization. The platform convinces not only with this purpose-driven design approach but also with a unique vertical integration.

Taking a holistic approach, from raw materials on the cell level to a proper component configuration, results in an unmatched level of technical performance. 

For example, the SMARTR stack consists of graphite bipolar polar plates that have proven resistant against harsh chemical conditions, while the unique cooling concept on the cell level enables a narrow temperature distribution of a delta of only five degrees Celsius across the complete cell, further contributing to a consistently high efficiency throughout the long lifetime.

Additionally, our proprietary and patented catalyst production results in competitive prices, maximum efficiency, and minimized degradation for best-in-class fuel efficiency.

Overheating without Lifetime and Efficiency Impact

As a leading supplier of true heavy-duty fuel cell systems, the total cost of ownership from a user’s perspective is always the center of our attention. Our solutions are designed to achieve more than 50% electrical efficiency at nominal power and in all typical operating modes, significantly reducing fuel costs and surpassing modern combustion engines. 

With our unique vertical integration and proven technical expertise, we combine high efficiency with a long operational lifetime covering the full vehicle life of more than 2 million kilometers under the harshest conditions.

Our systems enable trucks and buses to perform efficiently in challenging environments and situations, such as driving up or downhill with a full load. 

Our SMARTR Stack platform features a unique cooling concept on the cell level that manages higher cooling temperatures - to mitigate the typical limitations of the vehicle cooling system - without impacting the lifetime and efficiency of the vehicle.

Zero-Emission and Reliable

Our hydrogen fuel cell systems for trucks and buses are real zero-emission solutions without any harmful by-products, such as nitrogen oxide, and are designed for the full lifetime of a vehicle.

This is supported by our industrialization competence, with high-volume roll-to-roll production technology that follows a zero parts-per-million quality philosophy.

We take pride in providing an industry-leading after-sales service which ensures the availability, efficiency, and superior lifetime of our products. Our international team of experts can provide you with analytics, technical advice, and the best ways to optimize your vehicle’s performance. We support our customers and end users with analytics and engineering advice for integrating our products as well as optimizing the performance of our systems.

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