The Power to Industrialize

With more than 30 years of experience in fuel cell industrialization and electrochemistry, and as a global leader in fuel cell systems, Freudenberg e-Power Systems is a proven and trusted partner for the heavy-duty markets. Our expertise in industrialization and high-volume production provides the foundation for competitive cost, technical performance, and best-in-class quality. With cutting-edge research facilities, highly skilled development teams, and our unique vertical integration approach, we offer true heavy-duty solutions for the best total cost of ownership in the specific segments of our customers.

The Benefits of Deep Vertical Integration

Our unique vertical integration enables us to precisely control the quality, cost, and technical performance of our systems from beginning to end. We put a strong focus on the fuel cell stack, the heart of each fuel cell system, and this is backed by decades of raw material, fuel cell component, and industrialization expertise. By starting at the cell level, our vertical integration helps to determine the best overall efficiency of the system, combining a heavy-duty tailored design with a proper material mix.

The raw material choice is also cost-efficient: using only platinum solution for our proprietary catalyst production technology is far less expensive than using standard or commodity catalyst-coated membranes. Our deep vertical integration also provides our customers with maximum independence from potential supply chain issues.

We offer the best cost structure and continuously implement new design innovations, from the cell level to the fuel cell stack and the final system, and this provides our customers with a promising growth perspective while helping to meet sustainability targets.

Roll-to-Roll means Cost-Efficient and High-Quality

The capability for industrialization is integral for scaling fuel cell systems to a variety of applications and markets. With our proven long-term experience in industrialization, we use continuous production technologies, such as roll-to-roll technology, to constantly increase our production capacities and meet our customers’ demands during fuel cell market ramp-up.

We developed our fast and cost-efficient roll-to-roll technology for the entire membrane electrode assembly value chain and beyond, from raw materials to the final product. This enables us to quickly manage any supply chain issues, material shortages, or regulations imposed on specific materials. 

Our roll-to-roll technology results in high output, consistently high quality, and less scrap. We closely follow automotive quality standards with fully industrialized production lines and integrated visual controls to provide our customers with technical and commercially-competitive solutions.

The True Heavy-Duty Experts

We are ready to answer your questions and offer advice on the most suitable e-power solutions for your heavy-duty fuel cell applications.

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