More than 80 percent of the world’s merchandise is moved by sea. For maritime vessels large and small, decreasing the reliance on fossil fuels contributes greatly to a more sustainable world. To reduce emissions, Freudenberg e-Power Systems is pioneering the use of renewable fuels for deep-sea applications, such as container ships, liners, freighters, and cruise ships, while also developing innovative systems for near-shore applications such as ferries, tugboats, and workboats. Our fuel cell systems can be scaled to the load profile of a vessel, to maximize the energy efficiency and range while lowering the total operating costs. They can also be retrofitted to existing vessels.

Smooth and Sustainable Sailing

Battery and fuel cell systems have fewer moving parts and less wear and tear, compared to combustion engines and diesel generators. This lowers maintenance costs while helping to prevent downtime and standstills. They also reduce noise and vibration, ensuring a higher level of comfort for everyone on board. 

Our experts are working together with leading fleet and cruise operators, shipbuilders, system integrators, and naval architects to implement these new systems and make the maritime industry more sustainable, in line with the International Maritime Organization’s goal of reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

  • Long operational lifetime 
  • Deep-sea applications 
  • Low fuel consumption 
  • Fuel flexibility with hydrogen, methanol, and natural gas 
  • Scalable applications
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Lower total cost of ownership 
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Retrofitting potential

Applications and Products

Battery Systems

The XPAND battery system for maritime applications features a modular design, with small packs combining to make bigger power units, enabling easy customization. For small vessels, the single pack solution can be neatly and flexibly distributed across the vessel. For large ships, we offer fully integrated battery rack solutions based on the required power demands.

Fuel Cell Systems

Our methanol and liquified natural gas fuel cell systems with integrated reformer are ideal for long-haul maritime applications, including container ships, freighters, and cruise ships. We also design hydrogen fuel cell systems that are scalable for use in near-shore applications, such as ferries and tugboats.


Yachts - Lürssen Werft

Lürssen Werft has partnered with Freudenberg e-Power Systems to pioneer the first combustion-engine-free yacht, using advanced, carbon-neutral fuel cell systems for highly efficient, sustainable yachting.

Cruise Ships - Meyer Werft

Meyer Werft and Freudenberg e-Power Systems are working towards climate-neutral cruise ships that offer the best total cost of ownership, with fuel cell systems that meet the high demands of reliability, fuel efficiency, and operational lifetime.

Ferries - P&O Ferries

We supplied the batteries for one of the largest installations on passenger ferries worldwide, with the Pioneer and Liberté P&O ferries that operate in the English Channel. Our batteries are currently used to support docking at the port and to supply extra power at peak times of high power usage.

Ferries - Ika Rere

We provided the battery solution for the first fully battery-electric ferry in the southern hemisphere, the Ika Rere. This ground-breaking ferry can carry up to 132 passengers and operates in the Bay of Wellington, New Zealand.