XALT Energy LLC Equippes New Flyer’s Electric City Buses

New Flyer’s new electric city buses are equipped with XALT Energy 40Ah high power (HP) cells. These buses, two in the City of Chicago and two in the City of Winnipeg, are outfitted with 28-42 battery modules each containing 48 individual cells. The resulting battery systems provide a compelling value proposition, which according to New Flyer, is what set the XALT Energy technology above competitors’ offerings. The XALT Energy cells in New Flyer’s buses deliver superior energy density, providing high power and low system weight, as well as outstanding cycle life.  

The Xcelsior XE40 electric bus successfully completed the rigorous Altoona test, verifying its safety, structural integrity, reliability, performance, maintainability, noise and fuel economy. This is the first application of its kind to meet the extensive Altoona durability and reliability requirements. The bus was driven 15,000 miles under three different loading conditions and with the addition of seven different stress elements, simulating events likely to occur during transit. The XALT Energy battery packs powering the bus performed flawlessly and exhibited no issues throughout the duration of the test.