XALT Energy Introduces the XRS XPAND Battery Rack System

Unparalleled Safety, Versatility and Dependability Now Available for Large-Scale Marine Electrical Energy Storage Needs

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 27, 2018 – XALT Energy, a leading U.S. manufacturer of lithium-ion cells and battery systems, announced today the launch of the XRS XPAND Rack System. XRS incorporates XALT’s XPAND Battery Packs and Battery Management Systems (BMS) in modular, expandable racks. Both the XPAND Battery System and the rack have been granted DNV GL Type Approvals, making the XRS acceptable for installation on all vessels classed by DNV GL. In achieving DNV GL Type Approval, the XPAND Battery System flawlessly completed all required tests including the new 2018 forced thermal runaway passive propagation requirement, with no active safety systems required, making it compliant with Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) Propagation test 1.

XRS incorporates all plumbing, ducting, and high-voltage distribution components to maximize the performance and life of XALT’s liquid-cooled XPAND battery packs. XRS also includes Battery Disconnect Units and local mode controllers necessary for large, multi-string systems.

A typical rack contains two strings of ten series-connected packs, with an operating voltage up to 1000V and total energy up to 222kWh, depending on the cell in use. Moreover, XRS sets the benchmark for ease of installation, assembly, and service.

“The safety, durability, and flexibility of XALT’s XPAND-based systems have been recognized by commercial transit bus and heavy-duty truck customers worldwide. Now XRS opens the door for deployment on very large marine vessels.” said Martin Klein, Senior Vice President of Engineering for XALT Energy. “Given the ability to populate XRS with XALT’s high energy or high power XPAND packs, we are able to fulfill a wide range of marine missions, including ferries, tug boats, and off-shore support ships.”

The XPAND Battery Systems use XALT’s pouch format lithium-ion cells, including high power, high energy, and ultra-high energy versions, providing a wide range of performance capabilities to meet specific operational demands.

“XALT Energy continues to be the battery developer of choice for global OEMs and integrators, and XRS is the natural extension of the XPAND family into large energy storage arrays,” said Richard Cundiff, CEO of XALT Energy. “The launch of XRS this week at the Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo demonstrates our commitment to clean, efficient electrification of vehicles and vessels worldwide.”

To learn more about the benefits of XPAND Battery Systems and other XALT Energy solutions, please visit stand E3060 at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2018. 


About XALT Energy

XALT Energy is an innovator in energy storage technologies based on its advanced lithium-ion chemistries and XPAND battery pack systems. XALT Energy is capable of handling virtually any energy storage need, anywhere in the world, from a highly automated advanced production facility in Midland, Michigan.

XALT Energy’s focus is on growing demand for high-tech storage solutions in commercial transportation, marine, and industrial motive applications that require long cycle life, durability, and safety.